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1 – Number of Guests
You’ll need to pick a place that’s the right size for your number of guests. If the place is too small, your guests will be cramped. If it’s too large, the atmosphere will be dull, and it’ll seem like a significant number of guests failed to turn up. Before you start listing potential venues, come up with a rough figure of expected wedding guests.

2 – Location
If your wedding ceremony and reception are to be held at two different sites, make sure they are close to each other, or arrange a transportation for them. Think about the accessibility of your venue. If a large number of your guests are coming from afar, consider choosing a location that’s is easily accessible. There should also be accommodation nearby.

3 – Budget
When choosing a venue, think about your budget. Ask yourself “Can I really afford this venue?” Don’t include venues you know you can’t afford in your list as that will only lead to heartbreak and a waste of time.

4 – Date
If you have a specific date for your wedding in mind, it could take some time to find venues that can accommodate you on that date. If you’re flexible with dates, you might find your venue much quicker. You can also consider a midweek wedding though some guests may not be able to attend.

5 – Style or theme
What type of event do you want? Is it going to be formal or informal? Do you want something traditional or modern? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself in relation to your establishing your preferred style. By identifying the elements you’d like to incorporate into your wedding, you’ll narrow down your list of potential venues. For example, if you want something formal and ornate, large hotels, castles and stately homes are great options. If you prefer an informal ceremony, smaller hotels, country houses, barns and restaurants are more ideal.

The perfect venue is waiting for you to find it. Take the above factors into consideration. You’ll soon find a venue that you’ll fall in love with in an instant…